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Toronto Korean Wedding: Jennifer + Justin
Bride and groom embracing on a condo rooftop in Markham

Korean bride and groom laughing as bride tries to slip on groom's wedding band during their summer wedding ceremony

A bride's hands rest against traditional Korean hanbok during a summer wedding in Toronto

Square cut engagement ring and wedding rings lying on top of Korean bride's hanbok

Korean bride wearing a princess wedding dress holds hands with her groom wearing a suit and bowtie on a rooftop in Markham

Groom wearing a bowtie leans over to touch noses with his Korean bride on a rooftop in Markham with sun flare

Korean bride hugs groom around the waist as he looks out to the horizon on a rooftop in Markham

Silhouette of groom holding bride in a princess ball gown during their Christian summer wedding in Markham

Korean bride smiling at groom while hugging him around the waist on a rooftop with the sky behind them in Markham

Close up of the bride holding the groom's hand while hugging him from behind showing off wedding bands

Bride and groom share a kiss on condo rooftop in Markham

Bride and groom share an intimate look on a condo rooftop in Markham with sun flares

Korean bride and groom and smile at each other during their summer Christian wedding in Toronto

A Korean bride wearing a strapless princess ball gown and diamond tiara sits for a portrait on a rooftop in Markham during golden hour

Korean bride sits and leans into the sunshine on a roof top in Markham during her summer wedding in Toronto

A Korean bride sits on a step in her strapless princess ball gown during her summer Toronto wedding

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