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Markham Museum Wedding: Esther + Jeffrey
Bride and groom sitting on an old fashioned wagon at the Markham Museum

Reflection of beaded sweetheart neckline wedding dress hanging in front of the window next to a teal wall

Chinese bride looking at her beaded wedding dress before putting it on for her Christian wedding

Chinese bride with classic hair to the side style putting on her earrings in front of window before her Markham Museum wedding

Chinese Bride wearing a sweetheart beaded wedding dress leans into her groom wearing a teal bowtie in front of barn at Markham Museum

Two female hands pin on a boutonniere of two small peonies to a groom wearing a teal bowtie

Chinese bride and groom standing side by side looking down inside a shed at Markham Museum before their Christian Toronto wedding

A Chinese bride stands in front of her groom with her eyes closed as he hugs her at Markham Museum

Chinese bride stands inside a shed at Markham Museum holding her long stem bridal bouquet of peonies and greenery

Chinese groom holding bride wearing a beaded sweetheart wedding dress inside large shed at Markham Museum

Chinese Bride and groom inside large old fashioned storage shed with wagon at Markham Museum during their Christian wedding

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